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Willard Solomon

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“Why should You have a mobile app?”

  1. Build customer loyalty. Everyone likes to feel included in something special, so make customers feel like VIPs by offering discounts, coupons, and promotions just for using the app.
  2. Create viral buzz. Encourage customers to use the mobile app to quickly tell all of their friends about the business using the built-in sharing capabilities of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, SMS, and Email.
  3. Grow customer lists. A mobile app can gather names and email addresses from directly within the app and easily export them into the top email marketing campaign services to be used in additional emails.
  4. Get instant feedback. Mobile apps allow customers to leave feedback on fan walls, share photos, make restaurant reservations, and send comments in a variety of ways.

We will create a mobile website for your business. Around 200 millions user’s have a mobile device of some type in use daily. Mobile marketing is the hottest trend in increasing your sale’s for many year’s to come! You May or may-not need a mobile app. We can do that for You if needed. Business owner’s how would you like to have your message send to million’s of mobile devices via text message’s? Of course you would. Mobile marketing result’s in Billion’s of dollar’s each year.

Your mobile website will work on every

mobile device- 100%GUARANTEED!

 Here’s our PROMISE:

 100% Adaptability –

Your mobile site will automatically adapt to any mobile phone.

100% Versatility –

Your visitors will easily be able to switch between your mobile site and your full website.

100% Device Detection –

Your visitors will be ensured the best user experience by automatically being routed to your mobile site if they are browsing on their mobile device

100% Customer Visibility- Visitors see your website the way it was meant to be seen. …on all platforms, regardless of the brand.



Get a FREE, no-obligation evaluation of how your site  displays on your customer’s mobile phones…

…And how we can create an attention-getting, customer-generating mobile website for your business!

Why Take A Chance? 

There are very few experienced services that can build a mobile website for your business. We’re one of the few that can custom design your mobile website quickly and affordably.

(Installation is included. Flexible Hosting & Service Plans are available.)

 Leave your competitors at the starting gate, get Mobile TODAY!


If it’s not ‘Mobile-Ready’ , then good, cash-carrying, busy customers are passing you by. ..and your competitors will gladly accept their business….

Unless you do something about it!

 Here’s The Answers To Your Questions:

“How can my business be mobile-ready?”

Easy! We’ll build an image-enhancing easy-to-read mobile website…and your business will automatically be available to millions of mobile users anywhere, anytime!

“Why is mobile web so important?”

Mobile phones outnumber PCs by 4 to 1 and this number is rising daily. Your customers are

already looking for you on their mobile phones.

“You’ll be listed twice in the search engines!”

Having a mobile site provides another way for visitors to find you. Your business will be listed on the on mobile-friendly search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Your business will be placed in high traffic mobile and local directories, increasing your exposure…and more exposure equals more business!

“Why do mobile sites need to be different?”

Websites built for viewing on computer screens don’t present well on mobile phone screens, which are much smaller and slower to load. Mobile sites are specifically designed to be easy to read and navigate through on mobile phones.

“Will this replace my standard desktop website?”

No, your desktop site remains unchanged. When a visitor arrives at your site while on their mobile device, it automatically and seamlessly delivers them to your mobile friendly version….and they still have the option to return to your full website with just one click!

“Is a mobile site expensive?”

No, the volume of installations we do allows us to keep this service very affordable…for almost any size business. And the ROI is usually very high.

“why do I need a mobile website specialist?”

Most webmasters don’t know how to build effective mobile websites. Our proven expertise gives us an edge in creating a simple-to-use and sales-ready mobile site….and we do it quickly!


Willard Solomon

1 (812)  557-8984

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Fresh Effective Website


We will build you a fresh up to date website to increase you profit’s by inter-acting and connecting with your customer’s A website that convert’s to sales and happy customer’s


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Due to the Different amount of Content on some web sites I would need to speak with you to price this Task.

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