BINNEY: I Told Pompeo There Was No Russia Hack Two Years Later, He Still Hasn’t Told Trump


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Why has former CIA Mike Pompeo refused to acknowledge expert forensic evidence disproving ‘Russia Gate’?

Kari Donovan | National File – February 15, 2020

NSA whistleblower Bill Binney told then-C.I.A. chief Mike Pompeo there was no Russia Hack at the DNC. Three years later, Mike Pompeo is still sitting on that crucial piece of information.
William Binney, a 30-year former intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency (NSA) and high profile whistleblower, spoke with National File recently about his October 2017 meeting with then-CIA director, Mike Pompeo, which was called between the two at the direction of President Donald J. Trump.

Even though Binney boldly informed then-CIA director and now Secretary of State, Pompeo that he had proof and his own investigations that Intelligence agencies were lying to Trump about the Russians, Pompeo has not introduced Binney’s expert claims to anyone at Capitol Hill three years later.

As a result, the actors pursuing President Trump have been able to continue in their persistence that there was a Russian hack, a rhetorical feature which allowed the Russia Hoax to drag on for as long as it did.

At the end of that October 2017 meeting, Pompeo asked Binney if he would report his expert forensic evidence, which included hard data disproving Guccifer2 was Russian, and the claims that Russia hacked the DNC, which are the foundations of the numerous Democrat investigations by Trump and his administration related to Russian tampering.

“The President had suggested that he [Pompeo] talk to me and that was [Pompeo’s] opening statement to me. That the President wanted him to talk to me,” Binney told National File.

“The meeting was for Pompeo to learn the facts about Russiagate. So I said that I would tell him exactly what I know. I had been able to find out from open-source information that was posted by the Guccifer 2 alleged persona. I told him all of that. I told him that the agencies were lying to him. That it took me a few hours time to determine download speeds from open source material after they have sent billions of dollars, and they can’t find the same? Something is very wrong there is what I told him,” Binney told National File.

Binney has spoken frequently about the evidence he found from his own investigations, and about his expert findings at the NSA, developing intelligence about Russia and cybersecurity. He has written up expert testimony in a sworn statement that is in the hands of the lawyers for Roger Stone and General Mike Flynn, both of whom face prison time for process crimes associated with Russiagate.

Despite many naysayers in the establishment press and even in Congress, Binney’s position remains that the Russians could not have possibly hacked the DNC.

“Guccifer 2 had been tracked back to the CIA. It was a fabrication and I have been pointing it back to the C.I.A., which is a separate set of data the the DNC hack. Look at the download speeds, they could not have been transcribed across the net. It looked to me that two files were made by one file and split in two, that Guccifer was faking a hack,” Binney explained.

“Recently an associate investigator in London was looking at fingerprints of Russian signatures, which implied that Guccifer was inserting signatures. The C.I.A. has the technology to do that. All of that has been put in affidavits for the Roger Stone and Mike Flynn cases, but the judge would not accept it in the Stone case. They are trying to block the truth,” he leveled.

National File covered the Binney affidavit here, Whistleblower, Binney, Says There Was No Russian Hack.

From the article:“Bill Binney, a 32 year National Security Agency expert, has made a sworn declaration that Wiki-leaks did not receive stolen data from the Russian government, intrinsic metadata shows that the data in question was put on a thumb drive and physically taken from the DNC.”

Binney has been open about his expertise and his point of view on the reason for the Deep State Spying. He said it was to give Clapper and Brennan “power and influence”.

“What has happened is that a Deep State has been formed because of incestuous relationships and all of the agencies need to be cleaned out. They are all protecting themselves and that is why they want to block the truth. The Deep State is using technology on anyone they disagree with at the direction of Clapper and Brennan, according to the whistleblower,” Binney said.

Binney alleges that the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. are both complicit in the spying on the Trump campaign, and seems to hint that Pompeo’s hesitance at uncovering the lack of the Russia Hack might have something to do with Pompeo’s former role as top dog at the Central Intelligence Agency.

If Pompeo were to bring light to the fact that there was no Russia Hack, the U.S. Federal Government would be faced with diving to the bottom of the Guccifer2 program and the alleged U.S. complicity in creating the entire Russia Hoax narrative.

“They set up a group inside the C.I.A. to manage the analysis of data being collected by this program, being extracted by different tipping points in the system. According to the Whistleblower, he also did active attacks on servers and switches and on individuals computers. They were accumulating information on people they wanted to be watched,” Binney explained.

“It was all a political operation, but also an insurance operation to keep the government from not doing things. My opinion is that they set it up separately, with a small group in the C.I.A., to keep it secret. So no one knew it existed, outside of this little group in the C.I.A., Brennan and Clapper knew, but that was it. They did that because if they wanted to know about anyone in the Trump campaign, and they went into the NSA data base where all of that information is anyway, there would be no record of them getting the information,” Binney said.

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