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RUMORS SWIRLING: President Trump’s Recent Actions Indicate Something HUGE Is About to Drop

By Joe HoftPublished August 8, 2020 at 9:21pm President Trump’s recent actions indicate the time may be very close where the Deep State and the Obama gang might finally have to face the music. On Friday we reported that President Trump spoke to workers at a Whirlpool factory in Clyde, Ohio, to tout his efforts […]

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Gen. Flynn Issues Emergency Warning: Communists Are Attempting to Overthrow The United States!

Image Credits: Chip Somodevilla / Staff / Getty. “The entire world is threatened!” General Michael Flynn | – August 6, 2020 We are witnessing a vicious assault by enemies of all that is good, and our president is having to act in ways unprecedented in decades, maybe centuries. The biblical nature of good versus […]

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NSA Whistle Blower Bill Binney Debunks Russian Hacking Hoax In Explosive Press Conference

The elite are terrified of this explosive interview! – July 24, 2020 Former NSA Technical Director and whistleblower, Bill Binney, gives definitive proof that Russia could not have hacked the DNC or John Podesta and refutes the politicized narrative conceived by the deep state. His bombshell assertions not only put the Russian hacking hoax […]

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Report – Joe Biden Now Criminal Suspect in Ukraine Investigation!

Image Credits: Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images for World Food Program USA. Exposing the Hypocrisy of The Trump/Biden Scandals Rex Jones | – July 22, 2020 Joe Biden is under fire, and the heat just got turned up. Rex Jones reports. YouTube mirror: Also, check out: Joe Biden is Now a Suspect in Ukraine Corruption Scandal […]

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Mother Shot Dead After Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

Image Credits: BLM thugs celebrated her death on social media — not a word from MSM Savanah Hernandez | – July 14, 2020 BLM activists shot and killed a young mother for having the audacity to say “All Lives Matter”, they have since continued to harass and torment her family on social media […]

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7-13-2020 10-04-14 PM

BLM Supporters Celebrate Death of Mother Shot Dead For Saying “All Lives Matter”

Image Credits: Facebook. “Black lives matter – the rest of you are next.” Paul Joseph Watson | – July 13, 2020 BLM supporters flooded a Facebook page belonging to Jessica Doty Whitaker, the young mother who was shot dead for saying “all lives matter,” to celebrate her death. Yes, really. Whitaker was killed after […]

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Trump Admin Tells Minnesota Governor To Get Bent Over $16 Million Aid Request Following Riots

Image Credits: Jim Vondruska/NurPhoto via Getty Image. State and local governments had stood down while BLM looting and rioting swept the city in May Zero Hedge – July 12, 2020 The Trump administration has denied a request by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (D) for $16 million in federal aid to help rebuild widespread damage in […]

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Fauci Is a Deep State Fraud

The pandemic’s guru, unfortunately, behaves as an ordinary creature of the Washington swamp. By Angelo Codevilla • July 10, 2020  I knew for sure that Anthony Fauci is a fraud after listening to him for about 10 seconds—as anyone who listens carefully would have known as well. President Trump had been charging the Chinese government with obscurancy and deception in […]

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Plannedemic Bombshell! CDC Inflating COVID Infection Rates At Least 16 Times

Federal order counts probable cases as confirmed – June 30, 2020 During a May 18, 2020 meeting between the Collin County, Texas Commissioners Court, officials detailed a new method for counting COVID-19 cases. Infowars’ Alex Jones and Rob Dew break down the footage, along with other evidence, showing the State of Texas and others […]

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Expose Antifa: Project Veritas Infiltrates Anarchist Terror Group Posing As Protesters

Recruitment process, combat training and international connections revealed Kelen McBreen | – June 4, 2020 The latest Project Veritas exposé released Thursday focuses on Portland, Oregon’s Rose City Antifa group and its violent tactics. The group’s clandestine insider says he’s about halfway through the process of becoming an actual member of Rose City Antifa. […]

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