“This goes right to the top of the Obama administration”

Kelen McBreen | – OCTOBER 9, 2019

In an epic interview, former New York City Mayor and current Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani joined former US Attorney Joe diGenova for an appearance on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the current impeachment inquiry Democrats have initiated.

While going over the phony Ukraine witch-hunt on Tuesday night, Giuliani touched on the real government scandal set to be exposed, which is the pay-to-play operation top elements of the Obama administration took part in.

“For years Obama had a pay for play operation in his administration and it’s disgusting and one of the reasons they’re fighting so hard – If Biden comes out, so does Clinton come out and about three others,” Giuliani stated.

Continuing, the former NYC Mayor said, “This goes right to the top of the Obama administration and the administration that says, ‘I didn’t have scandals’ will be the most scandal-ridden administration in our history. Obama didn’t care about ethics. He didn’t care otherwise it wouldn’t happen.”

“A Vice President should have been stopped from doing this by a President who had the slightest bit of integrity,” Giuliani said of Obama’s lack of action.

“But a Chicago ‘pol’ like Obama – pay for play eight times – millions of dollars to your Vice President [Biden] and hundreds of millions of dollars to your Secretary of State [Hillary Clinton]. They just bought the offices. Crooks!” he concluded.

diGenova foreshadowed rough times ahead for the Deep State, saying with a grin, “It’s gonna be a bang, bang couple of weeks.”

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