Find out what’s really going on instead of hearing a polluted version from the mainstream media – SEPTEMBER 25, 2019

Robert Barnes’ official statement concerning the Alex Jones lawsuit against The Young Turks, Brianna Wu and Andrew Kimmel.

As the suit states: “The defendants launched a campaign of lies and libels against their media competitor and ideological opponent, Alex Jones. Defendants virally spread one of the worst smears that can be spread about anyone: accusing someone of one of the most infamous federal felony crimes, even though defendant knew Jones was actually the victim of that crime.”

The suit details how cybercriminals targeted Infowars and tried to plant child porn on Infowars servers in order to be produced during discovery in other legal matters, how the FBI’s investigation cleared Infowars and identified Jones as the targeted victim of the cyberattack, and how the defendants then lied to the world about what happened by falsely accusing the victim, Alex Jones, of being the perpetrator.

“For too long, the media feels it can tell any lie or libel about Alex Jones that it wants. Jones, as a strong advocate of both free press and free speech, resisted calls for suing those who continued to lie and libel him. But enough is enough. It is time to fight back. It is time for the truth to come out. Jones only sued those who refused requests for retractions and corrections,” said Robert Barnes, the attorney for Alex Jones.

“Other defendants who similarly fail to retract or correct can look forward to future lawsuits. The media may think it’s Goliath, but it’s time it met David on the battlefield.”

Alex Jones Sues The Young Turks: Statement From @Barnes_Law

— Rob Dew (@DewsNewz) September 25, 2019