American Countdown: Pandemic More Panic Than Plague


Official models makes absurd claims that defy history — tune into this maiden transmission from 7-9 PM CST hosted by constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes now! – March 30, 2020

In this premiere broadcast of American Countdown, constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes breaks down how the media is misreading coronavirus data to generate the maximum hysteria possible. Filmmaker Mike Cernovich joins the show to discuss the effects COVID-19 has had on the global supply chain and what aspects may have been contrived by China and the globalists to damage the U.S. economy. Tune in Monday-Thursday from 7-9 PM to get the Barnes perspective!

“The ability of this Constitutional Republic to sustain itself is contingent upon us stopping this virus,” Barnes said. “Because the ‘cure’ will kill us economically and constitutionally if it lasts much longer.”

Barnes will lay out exactly how using unconstitutional measures such as some cities effectively outlawing the First Amendment in the name of “social distancing” only serves the state at the expense of the people.

Can America survive another month or two of an economic standstill?

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