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Critical Video: Mike Lindell Presents Scientific Proof

Image April 3rd 2021, 12:59 pm Data behind widespread and systemic fraud of 2020 presidential election reveals what could be largest cyber-crime in world history On March 31st, Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, released a one-hour television special entitled, Scientific Proof: Internationally Renowned Physicist Absolutely Proves 2020 Election Was Biggest Cyber-Crime in […]

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Conservative Journalist Arrested & Jailed Ahead Of ‘ShadowGate’ Documentary Release

Documentary exposes Deep State psychological operations against the American people Zero Hedge – August 16, 2020 Update: While Weaver’s arrest appears to be for unrelated charges according to the Daily Dot… When speaking to the Daily Dot via phone Saturday morning, a Portage County Jail administrator said that Weaver is being charged with alleged “robbery, […]

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7-3-2020 2-15-31 AM

Deep State Hijacks Cell Phones Nationwide To Push COVID-19 Hoax

Image Credits: NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty. Watch & share this bombshell break down now! – July 2, 2020 The Deep State is using the cell phone take over systems first implemented under Obama to send COVID-19 misinformation and propaganda to the American public. Don’t miss: Alex Jones issues a powerful emergency briefing to […]

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5-28-2020 7-07-58 PM

Watch: Trump Signs Executive Order on Social Media Censorship

Image Credits: Pool / Pool / Getty. Defeat the Big Tech censors & share this link! – May 28, 2020 President Trump is expected to sign an executive order targeting Big Tech’s censorship of social media Thursday from the White House. The move comes days after Twitter began to ‘fact-check’ his tweets for the […]

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Trump Tweets Video Warning Of Big Tech Censorship — Twitter Immediately Censors It

Silicon Valley gatekeepers determined to silence Trump and his supporters ahead of election – May 16, 2020 Twitter promptly removed a video tweeted out by President Trump warning of Big Tech censorship. Talk about irony. On Saturday, Trump tweeted out a video featuring conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin warning of Big Tech’s massive censorship power, […]

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Trump Vows to Strip ‘Radical Left’ of ‘TOTAL COMMAND’ Over Facebook, IG, Twitter & Google

Image Credits: JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Image. ‘The Administration is working to remedy this illegal situation,’ president tweets RT – May 16, 2020 President Donald Trump has vowed to break the “radical left’s” apparent control of social media platforms. Earlier, the president thanked his “keyboard warriors” for their support, as they accused the tech firms […]

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Expert Says U.S. is on the Brink of “Mass Civil Unrest”

Image Credits: JEFF KOWALSKY/Getty Images. Has friends on Capitol Hill concerned about violence. Paul Joseph Watson | – April 21, 2020 An expert with the United States Studies Centre says that America is on the brink of “mass civil unrest” that threatens to emerge out of anti-lockdown protests now taking place nationwide. Demonstrations against […]

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The True Agenda Of The World Health Organization

A world run by technocratic world government, with health policies governed by Big Pharma Greg Reese | – April 18, 2020 This report takes a historical look at the globalist, pro-vaccine, Big-Pharma, Communist background of the World Health Organization. Mirror: Pick up the next evolution of activated nascent iodine today with Survival Shield X-3 […]

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Must Watch Wednesday Live! 5G/Coronavirus Secrets Revealed, Plus David Icke Interview Banned by Google

Image Credits: Bill Oxford / Getty. Models show coronavirus peaked in the US eight days ago as MSM battles to suppress information – April 8, 2020 Tune in as we uncover how 5G radiation can potentially weaken immunity systems, making people more susceptible to viruses and other diseases. Follow Infowars on Telegram: David Knight […]

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10 Plagues That Are Hitting Our Planet Simultaneously

Hold on to your hats, because things are likely to get even crazier in the months ahead Michael Snyder | End of The American Dream – February 18, 2020 All of a sudden, really crazy things are starting to happen all over the world.  Giant swarms of locusts are absolutely devastating entire regions, extremely unusual […]

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