Documentary: The Truth About The Richmond 2A Rally


The mainstream media does not want this side of the march to come to light

Millie Weaver | – January 22, 2020

Democrats have taken full control of the state of Virginia’s government and are now pushing draconian anti-gun legislation.

The governor went so far as to declared a state of emergency, demonizing angry citizens as violent white supremacists.

Despite making the Capitol a gun-free zone, tens-of-thousands of Second Amendment advocates showed up with their guns, demonstrating to the government that gun rights “shall not be infringed” and if you want to take our guns, “come and take ’em”.

Over one hundred counties have declared their districts Second Amendment sanctuaries and law enforcement is refusing to enforce any new unconstitutional gun control laws.

Millennial Millie attended this historic event interviewing citizens, legislators and delegates to get an in-depth look mainstream media won’t show.

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