The British Royals and the Reptilians


Greg Reese

Greg Reese Mar 22, 2024

One of the most monstrous families on Earth is fading away

The British Royal family, who own over sixteen percent of the entire planet, seems to be falling apart. Which is nothing to mourn, for they are one of the most monstrous families on Earth.

In 1964, the Queen and Prince Philip visited a school in British Columbia. Former resident William Coombes claims that ten of his classmates were taken by the Queen and Prince Philip, never to be seen again.

The notorious pedophile and necrophiliac, Jimmy Savile, was close friends with the Royal family. Charles wanted him to be Prince Harry’s godfather. He was awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 1971, and Knighted by the Queen in 1990.

Prince Andrew has been a regular at Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island.

King Charles was close friends with a bishop who was convicted of raping over a dozen boys.

A former student of Aldenham school claims that students were routinely raped and tortured by members of the Worshipful Company of Brewers, which was frequented by Jimmy Savile, King Charles, and Lord Mountbatten, who has been accused of raping an 11 year old boy.

Jeanette Archer says she was abused by the Royals as a young child, and says that they are Reptilians.

According to Princess Diana’s friend, Christine Fitzgerald, Diana’s nickname for the Windsors was “the reptiles” and used to say that “they are not human.”

While this may sound strange, most Royal blood lines in history were said to be the offspring of Reptilians. Often described as dragon or serpent people.

In an interview with David Icke, Arizona Wilder, told her story of being bred for the express purpose of conducting rituals for the Royal family.

“I was bred for this role that I fulfill. I was being abused and traumatized and, on purpose, for the mind control that, that they need someone to go through to, to do whatever they say.” ~ Arizona Wilder

She explained the importance of blood rituals.

“What it’s all about is that the blood, and the menstrual blood, contains something that is important for the propagation of this race that is controlling things on this planet.” ~ Arizona Wilder

She explained the infamous Adrenochrome

“For it to be secreted in the blood, is they need terrorization of, of their victims. They are killed at that moment as they are staring into their eyes.” ~ Arizona Wilder

She said when the Royals and others smelled blood, they would shapeshift into Reptilians.

“When the victims are starting to be sacrificed it’s the scent of the blood. They start shapeshifting at that point in time. They can’t hold their shape when, when this happens, they…” ~ Arizona Wilder

“The human shape?” ~ David Icke

“The human shape they cannot hold. They go back into reptilian shape as this is happening, because it’s a type of, of excitement of the kill. I have seen at rituals, I have seen George Bush. I have seen the two sons when they were young.” ~ Arizona Wilder

“These are the sons that have become governors since?” ~ David Icke

“Yes. One is in Florida and one is in Texas. Madeleine Albright. I have seen Henry Kissinger. I’ve seen the Queen Mother there, and I have seen Princess Margaret there. I’ve seen Charles there. And they shapeshift.” ~ Arizona Wilder

“What have you seen the queen or any of the royal family do in relation to that? You’ve seen them, have you seen them sacrifice and, and consume human flesh?” ~ David Icke

“I’ve seen all of them drink human blood and consume human flesh. There are certain times when there will have been someone doing a sacrifice and it’s not happening fast enough for them. So they will step in and finish it themselves. These reptilians live hundreds of years and so they have to have taken more than one human body to live in.” ~ Arizona Wilder

David Icke predicted years ago that the Royal family would be removed to make way for a one world government. And Dr. Michael Salla, who has been researching exopolitics for twenty years, has a differeny theory which could explain the fading of the Royal family.

“The ousting of the Sakara Reptilians in 2021 and how the Deep State is panicking with or without their overlords. What about these reptilian extraterrestrials and what do you know about this?” ~ Clayton Morris

“What we have is a lot of evidence going back thousands of years that there are these reptilian species that have played a big role in controlling the Earth. And the name of this kind of apex reptilian is Sakaa. So these are kind of like dragon like creatures, you know, eight foot to twelve foot tall. And they apparently have been forced to leave our solar system recently with the arrival of these kind of more senior species. They’re here to watch our emergence into a planetary, into a galactic culture. They’re here to watch that. But once that has happened, over a period of maybe a dozen years or so, they’re going to leave and then we’re going to have to fend for ourselves. So it’s almost like, you know, we’re, we’re breaking out of the shell. But once we’ve broken out of the shell, like, like any little animal that’s just broken out of a shell, you know, the parent has protected you, but you’re on your own now. You know, good luck!” ~ Dr. Michael Salla

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Watch: Beyond The Reset


by Zero Hedge April 16th 2023, 6:17 am

Image Credit:


This excellent animated short film about the not-too-distant-but-very-dystopian future is at once humorous and terrifying.

It speculates on the potential consequences of the infamous Great Reset, medical tyranny, woke culture, and green agenda.

Everything, that World Economic Forum (WEF) is planning for us.

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2000 Felons & Zero Justice


Greg Reese May 14th 2022, 10:11 am

A Reese Report review of Dinesh D’Souza’s acclaimed “2000 Mules” documentary.

Dinesh D’Souza’s eye-opening documentary “2000 Mules” revealed beyond a doubt that the 2020 election was stolen in key battleground states in large part due to a coordinated and illegal ballot trafficking network. But despite the smoking gun proof, nothing is being done about it, and even top Republican leadership is ignoring the glaring election fraud.

Be sure to catch this powerful report breaking down how Russia could defeat NATO with only one nuke:

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Irrefutable Evidence: The COVID-19 Vaccines Are Killing People


Greg Reese | December 30th 2021, 4:36 pm

When the people find out, they will be pissed!

Doctors Arne Burkhardt and Sucharit Bhakdi provide evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines cannot protect against viral infection and trigger self-destruction within vital organs.

Exclusive Report: 100 Years of Conspiracy to Destroy American Freedom



Greg Reese | Infowars.comDecember 22nd 2021, 11:31 am

The destruction of America has been in the works for decades

From the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank & Big Pharma to the Great Reset, America stands at a crossroads.

Totalitarians Mandate Tyranny Worldwide

Bowne Report

Bowne Report Dec 3, 2021

As many of you well know, the Omicron Virus and whatever follows is merely a trojan horse to undermine the freedoms of western civilization. Regardless of the fact that initial reports deemed the Omicron virus as mild. The Great Reset tyranny must carry on through the fog of politics, propaganda and sublimation. They can’t turn back now. If the momentum is slowed, then the Nuremberg Code will be enforced as humanity realizes it has been a rat in a cage in an experiment of massive totalitarianism the likes of which we have never seen before.

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EXCLUSIVE: General Flynn Exposes Deep State Plan to Trigger Civil War In Groundbreaking Interview


Infowars.comNovember 26th 2021, 12:30 pm

Watch & share this second part of Alex Jones’ bombshell encounter with General Michael T. Flynn!

Alex Jones hosts a powerful discussion with General Flynn, his brother Joe Flynn, and Patrick Byrne over the Deep State’s plot to implode the nation.

This in-depth encounter between minds details how to stop the bloody civil war globalists are trying to unleash upon America.

The only way this information gets out is by you sharing this video!

Throughout the discussion, everyone expressed concern over what calamity the Deep State would use to foster a smooth transition to tyranny before the masses can galvanize into action – because as filmmaker Joe Flynn puts it, the globalists have “overplayed their hand.”

“I think the American people are truly waking up – I think the left has very much overplayed their hand,” said Joe Flynn. “But, will they continue to try to stuff things down our throat and do things to try to crush us? They may.”

“If we get through this winter, they’re going to know their goose is cooked. But what they do when their goose is cooked is what I fear.” 

Joe Flynn (left) describes how the next 18 months are crucial to America because the elite know they overplayed their hand.

Likewise, General Flynn shared a similar sentiment, saying the elite will usher in a controlled financial depression – or even an outright crash.

“They’re going to continue to focus on: how do they maintain control or how do they get better control,” said General Flynn. “I believe that we’re going to see a couple of things… I call it a controlled depression – some type of financial manipulation or collapse.”

General Flynn (right) warns Americans that the elite will have “no problem” financially ruining the middle class further by boosting the already drastic inflation rate.

Businessman Patrick Byrne agreed, adding that globalists are intentionally running the system into the ground so they can emerge from the rubble to control what’s left.

“There’s going to be a financial crash,” said Byrne. “The question is, do we emerge from the rubble as the USSA (the United Socialist States of America), or do we emerge as a USA stripped of the stuff that’s been going on since FDR did what got us here.”

Bryne (left) tells Alex Jones there’s absolutely no reason for Americans to get violent as he’s optimistic about the coming midterms.

Additionally, the crew breaks down the progress made in exposing election fraud, how an actual investigation into Jan 6 would expose the Deep State, and how vital it is for Americans to get involved by honoring their civic duty to preserve the America the founders created.

General Flynn tells all Americans: “These are the times now when you have to rise up and say, ‘I’m not going to put up with it anymore & I’m going to get involved in my civic duty as an American citizen to protect it for the generations that are going to follow us.”

Also, don’t miss the first half of Jones’ conversation with General Flynn where they discussed how to expose traitors in America’s government:

And of course, be sure to watch & share Alex Jones’ recent speech at the Reawaken America Tour in San Antonio, Texas:

Global Exclusive: General Michael T. Flynn Lays Out Plan To Save America And The World


Image Credit: November 18th 2021, 7:30 am

Watch & share this VITAL interview globalists DO NOT want you to see!

General Michael Flynn joins Alex Jones and Infowars to deliver an emergency plan that identifies and brings to justice the globalists entrenched in America’s government.

During this exclusive interview, Flynn breaks down how America is under attack by bad actors across the world who are aided by traitors within the country.

Throughout the interview, Flynn stresses the importance for informed Americans to collectively inspire mass awareness to the globalist operation via The Great Awakening!

Watch & share this emergency plea for all good men and women to come together to stop evil and save our children’s future!

Find out more about General Flynn’s plan at

Democracy vs a Republic Perfectly Explained For Dummies


There’s a reason why the American founders created a republic

TFPP Writer By TFPP Writer
Published June 8, 2016 at 8:39am Share on Facebook

There’s a reason why the American founders created a republic, and not a democracy. Republics are the best form of government for protecting the individual from the tyranny of the majority. And there most certainly is a tyranny of the majority that always manifests in democratic style systems.

Here’s how it works: in democratic or republican systems, there is a kind of majority rule. In democracies, the 51% rules over the 49% and has total control. The 51% can do whatever it wants, because in democracies there are not structures in place to protect individual rights.

If 51% vote to steal your bike, you are without a bike. If 51% vote to kill you, you are out of a life. It does not matter if it is right or not, what the majority says is what happens.

A republic is different though, and it operates for the protection of the individual against the majority when they get out of control. It is very important to protect the rights of the individual in a political system, for that is how governments are limited in their power and scope.

Democracies provide arbitrary power to governments, giving them prerogative to do anything as long as “it’s what the people want.” In a free society, this is unacceptable.

Republican governments operate by electing officers who represent the interests of the people, and who are supposed to have more knowledge about politics than the average person. These people are effectively trustees of the citizenry.

In republican governments, the polity is governed by a written constitution that safeguards certain rights against tyrannical majorities. There are separations of power, courts, and layers of government to ensure that knee-jerk reactions do not become law.

This is the fundamental difference between a republic and a democracy: a republic protects you from arbitrary power, a democracy is nothing but arbitrary power.

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Why does the Left want such arbitrary power in the hands of an unlimited government?

Answer: because they literally want to be enslaved.

Steve Pieczenick Returns To Infowars To Call For The Arrests Of Traitors To America

Image October 23rd 2021, 9:56 am

Obama, Bush, and their Deep State cohorts must face justice for what they’ve done to the country, he says.

Dr. Steve Pieczenick joins Kristi Leigh to expose the tyranny of the globalist agenda and explain why now is the time for the American people to rise up and arrest the Washington ringleaders of the years-long technocratic coup against the nation.

The Big Tech purge is here! Follow Infowars and Alex Jones on other growing platforms now to stay informed as the information blackout accelerates.