Live Sunday Coronavirus News Briefing: Doctors Across U.S. Come Forward To Defend Trump


Every Infowars broadcast is important, but this one has so much critical key information you won’t find anywhere else — tune in and share this link! – April 26, 2020

On this LIVE Sunday show, Alex Jones breaks down a bombshell report by a California doctor duo breaking down the real science behind the coronavirus pandemic, compared to the mainstream media and government’s misleading and hysterical portrayal of the crisis.

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Watch the full length presentation with Dr. Dan Erickson of Bakersfield, California breaking down the science of coronavirus spread, and explaining the implications of prolonged isolation in society:

Trusted science and the latest data on the Wuhan coronavirus spell out a very bad health dilemma with the global lockdown:

Greg Reese explains what all this means for the upcoming election in his critical report:

See the video YouTube censored about UV light therapy treatment against coronavirus:

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