Owen Shroyer Arrested for Silent Protest As Globalists Test Internet Kill Switch


War Room host arrested during silent protest

Infowars.com – January 23, 2020

War Room host Owen Shroyer was arrested in Washington DC earlier today. Hear the break down from hosts Alex Jones, Tom Pappert and Mike Adams on this LIVE edition of War Room, broadcast weekdays from 3-6 p.m. CT.

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Alex Jones Show – Maximum Alert: Internet Kill Switch Activated, Thousands of Trump Sites Erased From Servers

Infowars has confirmed that a secret Obama-controlled court has activated a beta-test for complete removal of nationalist & patriot content from the Internet

Alex Jones is live on air right now breaking down exclusive details found nowhere else:

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David Knight Show: China-Coronavirus Vs Forced Abortions & 1 Child Policy

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On this Thursday transmission of The David Knight Show, we’ll compare the public’s reaction to the Coronavirus currently spreading around the world with their reaction to forced abortions and the One Child policy in China.

Also, the Infowars crew is in Washington, D.C. covering the Senate impeachment hearings and Owen Shroyer’s court battle.

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