Owen Shroyer Destroys Times Square


Infowars host red pills New Yorkers on death of Jeffrey Epstein

Infowars.com – December 12, 2019

Hot off his successful infiltration of the House impeachment coup, Owen Shroyer storms the streets of Manhattan in the Infowars battle tank to inform The Big Apple that deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself in prison – and spread Christmas cheer.

“And so while you’re gathering with your loved ones over the Christmas season, sharing stories and laughs, just remember that Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide,” Shroyer notified baffled New Yorkers.

“When you’re putting Christmas lights up on your home to show your holiday spirit, remember that Christmas lights and Jeffrey Epstein have something in common – they don’t hang themselves.”

Owen also protested outside The New York Times building Thursday, calling out the newspaper’s efforts to end free speech in America:


Owen Shroyer confronted reigning Democrat Hutt Jerry Nadler over the fake impeachment hearing.

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