Roger Stone Speaks: Impeachment, Trump 2020, March For Life & More!


Image Credits: NewsMax TV | YouTube.

Trump confidant goes public after being silenced by liberal establishment

Kelen McBreen | – January 24, 2020

Trump insider Roger Stone joined NewsMax TV’s John Cardillo on Thursday to discuss the Democrats’ ongoing impeachment hoax, Rudy Giuliani’s investigation into Democrat corruption, President Trump’s appearance at the March For Life and much more.

Stone explained that Giuliani knows more than he’s letting the Democrats know and that the information he has found “may topple the legacy of the Obama administration.”

Roger also broke down the decaying state of the left, saying, “I think the Democratic majority in the House is in peril, I think it is Nancy Pelosi who is in trouble.”

Next, Cardillo and Stone discussed Joe Biden’s imminent campaign collapse and the likely battle between Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg.

Stone made a bold prediction, stating Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic nomination in 2020.

In another interview from Thursday, Stone’s lawyer Tyler Nixon joined the Alex Jones Show to provide updates on Roger Stone’s punishment for opposing the establishment.

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