Rush Limbaugh Scorches Media For Politicizing Coronavirus: ‘You Ought To Damn Well Be Ashamed’


Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Leftist operatives excited deadly disease may create a political ‘opening’ for Democrats – February 29, 2020

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh tore into the Democrats on Friday for using the coronavirus to politically bludgeon President Trump.

Limbaugh focused on an exchange on CNN between anchor John Vause and Democratic strategist Caroline Heldman, who surmised that the coronavirus issue presented a political “opening” for Democrats to attack Trump.

“I actually think this is a very good opening for Democrats,” Heldman said. “And, unfortunately, it’s become political, right? When you have Rush Limbaugh, for example, saying that the coronavirus is like the common cold, and it’s being used against Donald Trump. At the end of the day, this shouldn’t be political, but Donald Trump’s response has been so backwards on this that I think it’s an opening for Democrats.”

Limbaugh pointed out the Democrats’ hypocrisy in criticizing Trump for politicizing the virus when it was them who immediately railed against the Trump administration’s preparedness responses to the pathogen’s spread.

“Is that what you people in the media want the Democrats to be known for, that that’s an opening for the Democrats is the American people sick and suffering?” Limbaugh said.

“Because it isn’t Donald Trump that’s gonna get sick and suffer. It’s the American people that are gonna get this disease, and they’re gonna be sick and they’re gonna suffer, and you’re telling me that that is an opening for the Democrats and then you accuse me of politicizing this?”

“You people in the media ought to damn well be ashamed,” Limbaugh continued. “You are so possessed with hatred for Donald Trump that you have lost all compassion, you’ve lost all ability to reason, you have lost all ability to think rationally.”

“All you can see is killing the political fortunes of Donald Trump. That’s all you can see. And so the American people getting sick, a pandemic around the world is an opening for the Democrats,” he added.

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