The World has Gone Mad Thanks to the Mainstream Media’s Hyperbolic Reporting of the Coronavirus

Joe Hoft

by Joe Hoft March 15, 2020

The coronavirus scare is now worldwide and like previous liberal scare tactics the reporting is becoming a bit of a joke.

The virus started in Wuhan, China but some people think it is wrong to call it the Wuhan coronavirus. 

But diseases have been named after their location of origin for centuries.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

No one knows anyone who caught the virus but everyone is scared to death of catching it.

This video by Conservative Momma is priceless:

The markets are way down as a result of the media’s fixation on the virus:

The Democrats, their MSM and the Deep State appear to all be hoping the markets drop further because of the coronavirus.

CNN was pushing for the market to go down further on Friday morning, the day of the largest daily rally in US history:

It’s no longer appropriate to cough in public or at home:

People are resorting to all sorts for rituals to ward off the disease:

Some believe that meditation is the cure:

The situation in the US is like the one experienced in Hong Kong a month prior.  In Hong Kong there was a run on toilet paper (TP) when word came out that a large manufacturer of it in China was temporarily shutting down due to the virus.

All of Hong Kong stocked up on the stuff.  Within a few weeks after individuals from the US sent TP to Hong Kong, the crisis was over.

Now the US is doing the same thing.  Except in the US it makes no sense.  There is no word of a US TP manufacturer shutting down.  People appear to be stocking up on the stuff because they saw people do it in Hong Kong.  Now people in Hong Kong are repackaging the TP received from the States and shipping it back because they have enough for a year:

The only segment of the economy doing well since the coronavirus is grocers:

Democrats hope this thing lasts till the election so their handpicked candidate Joe Biden doesn’t have to present in front of real people any more.  They also hope they can figure out how to keep him from wandering off during live videos when not presenting to live audiences:

Bernie Sanders is rightly complaining that the virus hurts his campaign because he can’t do rallies.  Trump is unable to do rallies as well.  Democrats hope this thing lasts till the election.  Biden has no rallies:

The world has gone mad over the coronavirus!