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Hong Kong Erupts: Tear Gas Deployed As Thousands Fill Streets To Oppose China’s National Security Law

Image Credits: @CP24/Twitter. Communist China using pandemic to crack down on Hong Kong resistance Zero Hedge – May 24, 2020 After months of relative quiet amid the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Hong Kong, defying the city’s ban on gatherings to voice their opposition to a new “national security” law proposed […]

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On The Eve Of Destruction, The Planet Awakens

Humanity is being tested — will you rise up in this time of great challenge? – May 23, 2020 Alex Jones discusses how and why humanity’s collective consciousness historically seems to awaken right at the brink of oblivion. Also check out this critical report by Alex Jones explaining why Dr. Fauci has walked back […]

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Nursing Home Abuser Made Video Asserting “Black People are Supposed to Rule the Earth”

Don’t expect too much media coverage of this. Paul Joseph Watson | – May 22, 2020 The culprit behind the horrific beating of an elderly man at a nursing home in Detroit made a YouTube video in which he asserted that “black people are supposed to rule the earth.” Footage emerged yesterday of a […]

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Elites Strive to Depopulate Planet With “Tainted” Vaccines

Image Credits: JUNIOR KANNAH / Contributor / Getty. Third world not the only testing ground for globalists Daniel Taylor | Old-Thinker News – May 20, 2020 Elites that pushed vaccines on the planet met in 2009 to “curb overpopulation.” The U.S. Government’s 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200 called for funding “injectable contraceptives” to target the third world. […]

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Trump Tweets Video Warning Of Big Tech Censorship — Twitter Immediately Censors It

Silicon Valley gatekeepers determined to silence Trump and his supporters ahead of election – May 16, 2020 Twitter promptly removed a video tweeted out by President Trump warning of Big Tech censorship. Talk about irony. On Saturday, Trump tweeted out a video featuring conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin warning of Big Tech’s massive censorship power, […]

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Trump Vows to Strip ‘Radical Left’ of ‘TOTAL COMMAND’ Over Facebook, IG, Twitter & Google

Image Credits: JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Image. ‘The Administration is working to remedy this illegal situation,’ president tweets RT – May 16, 2020 President Donald Trump has vowed to break the “radical left’s” apparent control of social media platforms. Earlier, the president thanked his “keyboard warriors” for their support, as they accused the tech firms […]

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Seattle Cop Prepares To Be Fired After Refusing To Remove Viral Video

Reminding Officers Not To Obey ‘Tyrannical Orders’ ‘I have seen officers around the country enforcing tyrannical orders,’ said Officer Greg Anderson Zero Hedge – May 13, 2020 A Port of Seattle Police Officer has been placed on administrative leave after refusing to delete a viral video reminding police officers that they don’t have unlimited powers. […]

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Watch: Trump Slams “Human Scum” Obama Admin. That Set Up Gen. Flynn: “It’s Treason”

‘The Obama administration Justice Department was a disgrace, and they got caught,’ Trump says Adan Salazar | – May 7, 2020 President Trump on Thursday slammed the Obama administration Justice Department as “treasonous” after the DoJ dropped its case against former national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn. Taking questions in the Oval Office during […]

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Justice Department Drops Charges Against Gen. Michael Flynn

Image Credits: Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images. DOJ drops case as lead prosecutor steps down – May 7, 2020 The Justice Department officially dropped criminal charges against former Trump national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn Thursday which stemmed from the FBI’s Russia collusion probe. Watch Flynn’s son detail the Russiagate saga: The decision came just moments […]

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Watch: Trump Hosts Roundtable With Industry Executives on Reopening America

Image Credits: Pool / Getty. Tune in & share this link! – April 29, 2020 President Trump hosts a roundtable meeting with industry leaders to work on reopening America at the White House Wednesday afternoon. Trump opened by slamming the shutdown and addressed Americans’ “pent up demand” to get back to work. Twitter mirror: […]

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